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How to configure Workflow Mailer in 11i & R12

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One of the simple configuration in Oracle Apps is the Java Workflow Mailer configuration. The steps are simple but the key point is verifying and validation the pre-reqs before proceeding with the configuration. This post had been divided into two parts 1) Pre-reqs validation and 2) Workflow Mailer configuration.

Pre-reqs validation include SMTP & IMAP server access, dedicated email id and folders creation.

You can download the document here.


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How to route / send all workflow mailer notifications to a single email id / address ?

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Mostly, this option will come handy after a clone, wherein you want to retain all the production / source instance data and continue to run workflow mailer but without sending emails to the real end users.

To achieve this you can set an Override address to route all the notifications to a single email address.


1. Login as sysadmin
2. Select System Administration Responsibility
3. Click Workflow under Oracle Applications Manager
4. Click on the tick mark or page icon next to Notification Mailers
5. Click on Workflow Notification Mailer under Name column
6. Click “Set Override Address” button next to Test Mailer button
7. Key in the new email address and click submit.

After submitting, Java mailer will send a verification email to the mentioned email address with a verification code and link to activate the override entry.

Either you can request the email id owner to send you the email with the verification code so that you can key-in the code or if the email address owner has access to Oracle Apps, he/she can click the link and enter the verification code.


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R12 – Responsibilities not visible to user

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We recently encountered this issue on a R12 instance fully functional instance.

1) Login as sysadmin or any user who as privileges to create user/add responsibilities
2) Create a new user and add responsibilities or add additional seeded/custom responsibilities to existing user

3) New/existing user logs in but he/she cant see the new responsibility.

Strange isnt it. I had encountered a simillar situation post 11.5.x to upgrade, but the underlying problem is different here.

To tackle this situation, we ran the concurrent program “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation” with below parameters:

p_BatchSize – 10000 (Default Value 10000)
p_Check_Dangling – Yes (Default value No)
Add missing user/role assignments – Yes (Default Value No)
Update WHO columns in WF tables – No (Default Value No)

So what does this concurrent program do. It syncs all the user and role related WF tables with latest information viz., WF_LOCAL_ROLES, WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES, WF_USER_ROLE_ASSIGNMENTS etc.,

The time taken to complete this program depends on the number of users/roles to be synched. After completion of this request the affected user can log back in to see the missing responsibilities.

You can also schedule this request to run every 15 minutes or so, but it depends how frequently you create/assign new users/roles/responsibilities.


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User ‘SYSADMIN’ does not have access to notification. ORA-06512: at APPS.WF_ADVANCED_WORKLIST

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Users reported that they got below error message when they were trying to view the notifications while logged in as SYSADMIN user on a development instance.

ORA-20002: 3207: User ‘SYSADMIN’ does not have access to notification .
ORA-06512: at “APPS.WF_ADVANCED_WORKLIST”, line 82

A quick check on the Workflow System Administrator Value (How to check this value) revealed that the value is not set to SYSADMIN and its set to “Workflow Administrator Web (New)”.

Is this the cause of the problem, NO.

The problem was SYSADMIN user didnt have this responsibility (Workflow Administrator Web (New)) assigned to him. To resolve the issue, Assign the responsibility using System Administrator -> Security : User -> Define -> SYSADMIN user.


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How to enable users to view other users workflow notifications

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By default and design, only SYSADMIN user can view other users notifications. What if a requirement comes to enable everyone/certain group of people to view everyones notifications … this might sound crazy for a production environment but its a valid request on a Development environment.

Ok coming to the technicalities,

Step 1: Login as SYSADMIN User

Step 2: Select System Administrator or Workflow Administrator for Web Applications ->
-> Workflow : Administrator Workflow
-> Administration
-> In the admin page you will see this message “Set * to grant admin privilege to all users”
-> Put * in the text box next to “Workflow System Administrator” and click Apply.

Thats it, now anyone can see anybodys notifications.

Personally im not for setting it as ” * ” , i would rather set it to a responsibility viz., “Workflow Administrator Web (New)” and assign the responsibility to the respective group of development group to view the notifications.


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