R12 – Responsibilities not visible to user

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We recently encountered this issue on a R12 instance fully functional instance.

1) Login as sysadmin or any user who as privileges to create user/add responsibilities
2) Create a new user and add responsibilities or add additional seeded/custom responsibilities to existing user

3) New/existing user logs in but he/she cant see the new responsibility.

Strange isnt it. I had encountered a simillar situation post 11.5.x to upgrade, but the underlying problem is different here.

To tackle this situation, we ran the concurrent program “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation” with below parameters:

p_BatchSize – 10000 (Default Value 10000)
p_Check_Dangling – Yes (Default value No)
Add missing user/role assignments – Yes (Default Value No)
Update WHO columns in WF tables – No (Default Value No)

So what does this concurrent program do. It syncs all the user and role related WF tables with latest information viz., WF_LOCAL_ROLES, WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES, WF_USER_ROLE_ASSIGNMENTS etc.,

The time taken to complete this program depends on the number of users/roles to be synched. After completion of this request the affected user can log back in to see the missing responsibilities.

You can also schedule this request to run every 15 minutes or so, but it depends how frequently you create/assign new users/roles/responsibilities.


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6 Responses to “R12 – Responsibilities not visible to user”

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bounce apache and they show up. There is a profile option that you can set to prevent this but I am at a loss for what it is right now. when I find it I’ll update

Thanks so much Ram…..

It really works…..


hi i tried it but still not working. i dont want to restart apache is there any workaround what is this profile opetion if you can help me.
i have R12.0.4 but still have to restart apache with is not practical

Hi Fadi,
At times (not always), for some reason the responsibility shows up a little later than expected (not sure why ) even after performing above steps. One interesting thing, which i found out was when i tried logging in from the PC using which i added the responsibility or from the PC which i normally use to access the ERP the responsibility didnt show up but when i used a different PC (laptop/desktop) i was able to see the responsibility for the same user. You can try clearing your browser cache or try accessing from a different machine.


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