Ad-hoc tips (fbackup/frecover commands in HP-UX)

Posted on July 22, 2008. Filed under: DBA/Admin Tips |

We use HP-UX for running one of our 11i instances and i manage the backups using fbackup and frecover commands. I am sharing the syntax for some of the basic commands. Hope it would help.

======== Fbackup =========

Create a defaults file (eg, and include/exclude file systems to be backed up/excluded.

$ cat
i /u02/oracle
e /u02/oracle/proddb/8.1.6
i /u07/oracle/proddata

This will backup all of /u02/oracle but would skip proddb/8.1.6

Create a configuration file (eg, and define configuration parameters for the backup


blocksperrecord 256
records 32
checkpointfreq 1024
readerprocesses 6
maxretries 5
retrylimit 5000000
filesperfsm 2000

(3) Use following simple fbackup command

fbackup -f <device name, eg /dev/rmt/c5t2d0BESTb>  -uv0g -c
===========Frecover ===========

frecover -r -v -f <device name>  ====> For a full restore

frecover -x -e <directories/filenames to exclude> -f <device name> ===> For excluding certain files during extract !!

frecover -x -i /u01/oracle/prodappl/fnd/11.5.0/log/l4043065.req -f /dev/rmt/c5t4d0BESTb  ==> To extract one file !!


OPS team


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your and is acting as a script file right? and also what is the -c function for your fbackup?

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