CPU April 2008 – Database Patching – Misleading Information in README.txt

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According to Note Id: 557157.1, Patch 6692464 is a pre-req for applying Patch 6864068.

“Footnote 2: Apply patches 6692464 and 6456606 before applying patch 6864068.”

Patch 6692464 is a generic OS patch (meaning this patch can be applied on any Operating System).

Patch Number: 6692464
Patch Name: p6692464_10203_GENERIC.zip

When you unzip the zip file it creates a directory by the name “6692464”. There is a README.txt.

I know what you are thinking, ” ah! i have applied so many database patches, everybody knows that README.txt is the first file to be read before applying the patch, whats so new about this post”. Hold on your horses, the fun is about to begin.

So far so good, everything looks fine, rosy rosy. When you open the README.txt, this is what you get to see:

#  Interim Patch for Base Bugs: 6692464 6650095 4733582
#  DATE:  Mon Dec 17 07:39:47 2007
#  ——————————-
#  Platform Patch for : Linux x86 <<<<—– Misleading
#  Product Version #  :
#  Product Patched    : RDBMS

Did you notice the “Linux x86” …. gotcha …

Even though the readme says as Linux x86 Platform, this patch can be applied to any OS, since it contains only sql files and no library or binary files involved in this patch. This patch merely copies below .sql files to $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin

List of SQL Files


Steps to apply the patch

cd 6692464
opatch apply (make sure OPatch directory is included in your path).

Note: Oracle Corporation had been notified about this and they are aware of this misleading information. Hopefully this should be corrected anytime from now.


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