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Have you ever wondered why is that the Unix boxes displays a big banner message upon logging in. There are cases where you will find the same banner being displayed once after entering the username and again after entering the password. Its like


Banner is displayed
Password: you enter the password
The same banner is displayed

Username: you enter the username
Password: you enter the password
Banner is displayed

As a DBA or SA, we dont even care to read the banner but it does help the organization to handle legal issues when someone hacks the system. Imagine you dont have a login (normal or ssh) banner setup and somebody hacks in. The hacker can easily get away even if he gets caught, stating that he/she was not aware that its a private system, because there is no initimation (banner) that its a private system.

So the next time you login to any of the server which has a login banner, do read it atleast once đŸ™‚



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