DISPLAY variable in 11i and R12

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Is DISPLAY variable must in R12 to display chart/graphs and reports?

Before going into that, lets see whats the impact of setting a wrong value to the DISPLAY variable in 11i.

1) Charts & Graphs cant be viewed (it will be blank with x mark)
2) Reports cannot be viewed in browser (like concurrent request output etc.,)

Troubleshooting the display issue is another big task on non-autoconfig enabled 11i instance, because its set in so many places viz., adcmctl.sh, adrepctl.sh, adfrmctl.sh $APPL_TOP/SID.env $ORACLE_HOME/SID.env.

Coming back to the need for DISPLAY variable value in R12, the answer is partly yes, partly no, in the sense, DISPLAY variable is must but the value can be anything. Excuse Me, what did you just say. Yes, the value can be pointing to any server any value in the format of :. eg. myhost:0.0

In R12, as you all know the mid-tier architecture is totally different from 11i and due to the inclusion of Oracle 10g AS, DISPLAY variable value doesnt make much of difference. In Oracle 10gAS, the REPORTS_DEFAULT_DISPLAY variable determines the need for a DISPLAY variable.

Accepted values for REPORTS_DEFAULT_DISPLAY are YES / NO.

YES – Overrides the need for DISPLAY Variable value even if it is set.
NO – Makes use of the DISPLAY variable.

REPORTS_DEFAULT_DISPLAY achives this functionality (elimination of DISPLAY) by use of J2SE or JDK 1.5 and above. This functionality is available on all OS Platforms except AIX.

For more information on this topic you can refer to Metalink

Note ID: 260256.1 Removal Of Display For Headless Server And Printer Dependencies In Reports 10.1.2


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