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In our Production 11i environment, we have setup database
read-only roles for all the developers that has limited
access to APPS schema objects. This way, only the DBA team
can perform code migrations in PROD since they have the
APPS password.

The read-only role just has “select” on ALL of APPS’s
views and synonyms. To incorporate future views and
synonyms, there is also a trigger created
to grant select on any views/synonyms that gets created
in APPS schema to the read-only role. The trigger
would run a database job to execute this task.

Trigger looks like…

l_str := ‘execute immediate “grant select on ‘ || ora_dict_obj_name || ‘ to apps_ro”;’;
dbms_job.submit(l_job, REPLACE(l_str, ‘”‘, ””));

Given the above scenario, when i was reviewing the alert.log
i found messages like below.

Errors in file < bdump location > /prod_j000_29503.trc
ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 1688
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
ORA-06512: at line 1

The trace file didn’t have much info so i looked at
the dba_jobs table. The ‘what’ column had

execute immediate “grant select on EUL_DUMVW_YEEHA to apps_ro”

Initially i ignored it as a one-off incident and removed the
job from the dba_jobs table.

exec dbms_job.remove(job=>1688);

However, the job kept resubmitting itself. So,i had to fix this.
I didn’t have a clue of the object “EUL_DUMVW_YEEHA” other than the
obvious fact that it was related to discoverer. The object as such
does not exist in our APPS schema at all.
I googled for this object and didnt get any links !! Hence this post 🙂

I searched in metalink and realized it is a dummy view created
when using Disco 3i (as in our case) and hence my trigger picks this up
to grant select on my APPS read only role.
For now, i have added a line in the trigger to ignore this object.

If you have more ideas on this object, why it gets created etc, please leave a comment.

OraclePitstop team.

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One Response to “What is EUL_DUMVW_YEEHA ?”

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EUL_DUMVW_YEEHA. My guess is:

EUL= End user layer
DUMVW = Dummy View
YEEHA = A jolly shout (Might have been the developer’s war cry)


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