Post R12 Installation Problem and Solutions on Windows

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Post installation of R12, I was able to launch the url, logged in sucessfully as SYSADMIN user and even J2SE 5.0 (alternate for Jinitiator) installed on my laptop perfectly fine upon clicking System Administrator responsibility. But forms got errored out with FRM-92101.


As you know FRM-92101 is one of the vague error you could ever encounter in Oracle Apps which requires some amount of digging to understand/identify the base issue. I tried implementing Windowstraditional first aid medicine, yes, Restarting the server. After the box came up i realised not only Forms is a problem i also have below issues:

1. Concurrent Manager wont startup.2. OPMN Service doesnt get started from Control Panesl -> Services window, but able to start from command prompt using adopmnctl.cmd script. The problem is missing ORACLE HOME entry in the registry.

>>>adopmnctl.cmd start
Thu 03/22/2007 06:13 AM
Starting Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) …
Registry does not contain value SOFTWARE\ORACLE\KEY_APPS_JAVA_HOME\ORACLE_HOMEopmnctl: opmn started
exiting with status 0
So on the whole i had three issues to deal with – FRM92101, CM and OPMN missing registry entry.

After some research came across something called as “Desktop Heap” in windows. Desktop Heap is a memory portion in windows which is primarily used by GUI applications to render the GUI. The trick to resolve the FRM-92101 issue and the Concurrent manager startup issue is to enable these services to use the Desktop Heap while starting and maintaing the services. I seriously dont understand as to why Oracle Applications Background services has to use Desktop Heap which is meant only for GUI applications. The problem here is (which i feel) Oracle Development doesnt have much data/clue as to how Microsoft OS is being designed and what type of applications will use which type of memory.

How to enable services to use Desktop Heap

Control Panel -> Services (or Start -> Run -> services.msc) -> Right Click “Service Name” eg: Oracle Process Manager” -> Click Log On Tab -> Check “Allow Services to interact with Desktop”.

Enabling desktop heap and restarting the server helped in resolving two issues.

1. Concurrent Manager came up without any issues.
2. Actual error for FRM-92101 had been identified.

Missing mesg directory

This convinced me a little for enabling Desktop Heap for OPMN (Forms Service) which helped in rendering the actual GUI popup error message but still not for CM service.

FRM-92101 error was due to missing mesg directory under 10.1.2 ORACLE HOME/forms directory. It was looking for fmcus.msb under mesg directory whereas mesg directory itself was missing. But the best part is all the 128 .msb files were available under forms directory instead of under mesg directory.

I manually created the mesg directory and copied all .msb files and bounced the service. Voila, now iam able to access forms without any issues.

This leaves me with one more issue to handle, ie., OPMN service doesnt get started from Control Panel -> Services.

As the error stated, ORACLE HOME entry was missing in Registry under OPMN settings. Manually made the entry in registry and bounced the services.

Now all my issues stands resolved :-).

Later i tried disabling Desktop Heap usage for OPMN (Forms Service) and Concurrent Manager. OPMN (Forms) behaved as normal whereas CM didnt.

If you had encountered any kind of issue post fresh installation of Oracle Apps R12 (On Windows or anyother OS) feel free to put in a comment with that. This will help us in maintaining one single page with all possible Post R12 Installation issues and solutions.

Take Care.



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16 Responses to “Post R12 Installation Problem and Solutions on Windows”

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hi, thanks for your info..

my OPMN service also doesn’t get start, and the registry for oracle_home also missed, i want to manually ad it, but to what folder?

C:\oracle\VIS\inst\apps\VIS_oratest ??
please send my your oracle_home path example.

thanks a lot and best regards


Thanks a lot for this information. Recently I upg apps from 11510 Cu2 to R12. Based on your soultion now I am able to start opmn process but still not able to display page.

I have tried everything, I could not get my concurrent manager working. I have deinstall it and install it.
I have enable desktop, no result. Any other solututions

I have tried everything, I could not get my concurrent manager working. I have deinstall it and install it.
I have enable desktop, no result. Any other solutions

Dear OraclePitStop,

I had finished installing R12 on windows 2003.
The concurrent manager is failing to start.
It always terminate with error 1067 if I start
it from services.msc
I have checked that the service’s option for
interacting with desktop is already checked.
Any ideas ?


Check this metalink note id: 434444.1


after installing of R12, login page error is comming
how do i solve it and it is comming at the end.

i need to now the reason.

could you explain me.



What is the error message you are getting?

hi i faced the same problme and your steps helped me

Thanks for the tip! 🙂

You are welcome, M.

After installing 12.0.4 on Windows XP, exactly i faced the same problems mentioned above.

Using your updates i resolved forms & concurrent manager issues.

Thank you.

Thanks for the comment Periyasamy. Good to hear that the post was of help.


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