Multi-Instance Appl Top Sharing

Posted on April 14, 2007. Filed under: Configuration |

You would have heard about Shared Appl Top concept and even implemented it. Iam not going to explain or talk about in detail as to what shared appltop is or how to implement it, rather iam going talk about a new environment which I had come across recently.

Oracle’s description of Shared Appltop – “Single Instance running on multiple nodes sharing single appltop”.

But have you heard about multiple instances (4 to be precise) running on single node sharing one appltop. Yeah you heard me right.Infact even 806 and iAS techstack components are also shared by the 4 instances and this setup had been performed way back in 2004 when Shared Appltop itself was not that popular and sharing of 806 and iAS was no-where in the picture during those days. To top it all this configuration is performed in !!! WINDOWS !!! yes windows.The system availability is 99.99%, can you believe that.

The architecture is like this,

4 databases (2 nodes with 2 instances each viz., DBServerA with Instance1 and Instance2 and DBServerB with Instance3 and Instance4) configured with 6 mid tiers. Each of mid tiers has a local copy of appl top, 806 and iAS and all the 4 instances are configured on each mid tier to share a single APPL TOP and techStack. Doesn’t it sound a little complicated, yes it is but its interesting.

I happened to work on this environment recently and it’s really a new learning experience to have such architecture that too on Windows.

Lemme know if you need more information on this configuration.



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2 Responses to “Multi-Instance Appl Top Sharing”

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architecture diagram will be nice.

I am a little bit confused with the architecture though its the 8th wonder that the implementors have achieved !!!

what exactly do u mean when u say each of the 6 mid tiers have a local copy of appl_top/806 and iAS?

Apart from the architecture diagram , It would be nice to get some ideas on how this was implemented. I mean, what changes were made to Apache config files (i am assuming something similar to CONFIG_TOP or INST_TOP wud have been done) , how autoconfig maintains these files , what changes to profile options were done/needed and importantly about patching.

Shouldnt 4 instances be brought down for any patching activity? Is this not a issue for the customer ?

Update us when you get time Ram.

Thanks for the efforts.


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